When a band follows the inner voice in order to create a musical work, which consequently will include honesty and passion, it is a bit difficult not to be able to satisfy the fans. This is what happened with Lacuna Coil and their new album «Delirium». The beautiful and talented Cristina Scabbia, the female voice of the Italian band, speaks at www.rockyourlife.gr for their decision to pursue a more heavy sound, whether Diego Cavallotti will be their new guitarist, about insanity, theme that inspired their new tracks, terrorism and much more.

After two years of the release of «Broken Crown Halo» you are making a dynamic comeback with «Delirium», a great surprise for us, because it is not just a very nice record but it is also different and heavier than any other you have released so far. What made you follow that new direction?
Literally, our hearts and inspiration. Whenever we start to write for a new record we never know where creativity can lead us. We don’t think too much, we always try to feel the music and continue towards a direction that represents our feelings. We realized, though, especially thinking about the live shows, that we are having more fun playing the heaviest songs, so it was probably a natural process for us to compose something heavier. Plus the thematics of «Delirium» were definitely suggesting going for something more chaotic and powerful.

Would you like to tell us a few words about the story behind the songs and the asylum in Milan that inspired you? When did you go there, what did you see and what affected you most? It’s not just fictional, right?
As a matter of fact, we visited two abandoned asylums out of Milano and it was interesting to visit empty spaces where so much happened. I am sure the sensations we absorbed during these visits include a little bit of self-suggestion… But very often reality is way more brutal and intense than fantasy. What is fictional is the sanatorium we created, the «Lacuna Coil Sanatorium» which represents the whole record as well: we wanted to create, more than a record, a place where everyone who feels week, damaged, abused and insane can be welcome in and can try to find a cure.

scabbiainterviewinIn the lyrics of the title track we can understand the rare state of mind and the emotions someone might have while he/she is in a delirium. And that word is being repeated too many times. Did you want to emphasize or it just came up from inside of you spontaneously?
What’s more obsessive that the repetition of the same word over and over? Yes, that was the idea. To keep the song sort of «simple» with the description of a state of insanity with the repetition of the world that ended up giving the title to our record. It all started from this song.

Except from a heavier album we could say «Delirium» it’s a little bit darker too. Are the lyrics of a song that leads its style or the music? And how do your fans react so far in that?
It is a combination of things and I don’t think one could exist without the other. The theme of the record is definitely not light. Talking about mental issues is never easy especially if you know something about it because you dealt with them. We treated the idea behind «Delirium» with the utmost respect.

Do you feel «Delirium» is a new chapter for your band that will make you go one step further? Are you going to keep this heaviness and new flavors in your future works?
It is not a new chapter: it is a whole new book. We feel that even if the Lacuna coil core is the same and always will be (despite of some line-up changes the songwriters are still in the band) we changed so much. There is a new lymph, a new energy, a new fierce attitude. Everyone is noticing it and we’re glad it’s coming through this new record and our live shows.



Is it more difficult to perform this kind of songs live -full with energy, new vibes and attitude, requiring more expressiveness- or more entertaining for you?
It is personally more difficult for me as soon as I really challenged myself with very high chest vocals but that’s the beauty of it: to not fall into a comfort level and be ready to try new things. I love the new songs so much for different reasons and to play them live is a sort of a self-therapy for me.

That new record is the first work you self-produced as a band. Which were the benefits in that?
It feels really satisfying to control every aspect of the whole picture because it shows you the result of what you have learned in your profession throughout the years. We’ve always been lucky enough to keep our artistic freedom with Century Media in these years but it is obvious then when a producer jumps onboard brings something different to the table and some things that you had in mind can evolve and take a different direction. We felt we were ready to «take some risks» and express ourselves 100%. The support shown so far from old school and new fans is confirming us that we did the right thing.

If I’m right, in your line-up for your live shows you have a guitarist, Italian also, Diego Cavallotti. Is he going to stay afterwards? Which are the criteria that will make you decide if he stays or not with you?
Diego contributed with two solos recorded on two songs on «Delirium» and he is a good friend of us and a great guitar played with an awesome attitude. We cannot really say he is an official member of Lacuna Coil yet as soon as he has been with us for a short time and we don’t want to confuse fans. We consider our band a family and we want to be 100% sure we did the right choice and so far he has been amazing and we love him very much; I believe he is definitely leading towards the right direction to officially become the new guitar player.

In «Delirium» there are also some guest musicians. Would like to tell us about them? And how did that collaboration came up?
Marco (Coti Zelati) pretty much recorded every guitar you hear on the album, minus the solos that are provided by friends of us. Starting from the awesome Myles Kennedy who graced us with his presence. I knew him already from years before as I collaborated with Alter Bridge for a reissue of a song called «Watch Over You», so when we decided to have guests we thought about him and his (definitely underrated!) skills as a guitar player. I sent him a Christmas message asking him if he wanted to be part of «Delirium» and he said yes. I was over the moon! I have so, SO much respect for Myles!
Mark Vollelunga from Nothing more is a friend of ours since we toured together when they opened for us during their very first tour we did together. He is so talented and he did an outstanding job on the song «Blood, Tears, Dust» creating a solo that I love so very much and fits with the song itself in such an incredible way, I’ll be thankful forever for his creation!
Marco Barusso, besides being the sound engineer and mix master, wrote and played the solo for «The House Of Shame». We met years ago as we already worked together in «Karmacode» (sound engineer) and «Dark Adrenaline (mixing). His knowledge and professionality blow me away every time we work together.
Diego Cavallotti recorded the solos on «My Demons» and «Ultima Ratio» and Alessandro La Porta completed the album with the solo on the song «Claustrophobia» and he is a friend of ours as well.

What makes you feel insane nowadays? Which facts and phenomena of our world makes you mad as a human being?
Everyone is going nuts. Too much arrogance, too many people thinking they are better than the rest of the world. The world itself is in serious trouble. There are so many things that personally piss me off about society nowadays but in «Delirium» we are not talking about the feeling of being angry at all. We are more exploring different states of mind and the word I like to use (to sum up the different things in the record) is «acceptance».

cristinascabbiain2It is more difficult for a band from a country without rock/metal roots to make the difference and to remain in the front line. But you succeeded that. Except the hard work, what other things do you think that played a part to become who you are today?
We’ve been able to make music for all these years being sure about our potential but always being humble, keeping our feet to the ground. We always remember where we’re coming from. There is always something new to learn and that’s why we are open minded and not afraid to experiment different ways to express ourselves, musically and on a personal level.

In the program of your tour in 2016 there are many countries that you are going to visit, including Turkey in December. Are terrorist attacks something you talk about and have in mind? What is your opinion for all those things happening around us?
We are of course very worried and mostly saddened. I feel for those who lost their lives in the name of human ideals. If there is a God or whatever other name you want to give to this God, he would never ask you to kill. This is when I feel ashamed about human nature, whenever manipulation of information and brainwashing are creating monsters.

You have a big fan club in Greece. Are we going to see you any time soon?
We haven’t played in Greece in a while and honestly it is not up to us. It’s about promoters, agencies and also time availability. I just want to make it clear as soon as some people think that we personally decide where to play according to our liking and it is not the case.

Finally, I would like to ask you if a mature work comes up as a result because of the years of experience a band has or does it have to do with the mood, the chemistry between the members and the creativeness it might rise any time suddenly?
I dunno what are the reasons, I just know I am more than happy that it happened to us.


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