How far could you go in the pursuit of your dream? How many sacrifices are you willing to make? Paul Ridley, frontman of Saint Ridley, one of the most promising bands in the US, did not hesitate to risk his own life in fact, he actually died twice before been brought back by the doctors after a serious weight loss operation. Today, in his first interview outside the States, Paul opens up and talks about his health adventure that turned him from… sinner to saint and analyzes the plans of the band that aspires to be the next big thing in the American post-grunge scene.

When did it all start for Saint Ridley and how did the name of the band come out?
Our first show as Saint Ridley was february 12th 2012. The name Saint Ridley came from a few places actually. At first it was a sarcastic thing a few band members started calling me because I wasn’t very nice. When I was younger I didn’t give anybody any slack or cut anybody a break on things if it affected the band negatively. I felt lf music was something you truly wanted to do there would be no excuses. we went through a lot of half assed members (lol). After a while the name took a different meaning. After I had all the medical problems, I kinda had an attitude change. I started playing as many benefit shows as I could and doing whatever I could to help out the ones I loved. Who knew it would take a heart attack to give me a heart (lol).

As this one is your fisrt interview outside the US, how would you describe your music to someone who is rather unfamiliar with Saint Ridley?
I would describe us as a super heavy rock band, almost metal. I’ d say we are heavily influenced by 90’s grunge and Pantera style metal. People have told us we sound like a pissed off Dropkick Murphys, but I don’t see it (lol). We all have irish blood in us and a couple members have quite a big punk influence but we don’t see Dropkick… We have also been told Moorhead a lot.

To my ears, this «Motorhead meeting Coal Chamber» style sounds very interesting. Do you agree with that?
Yeah, I’ ll take that. Thats actually quite a compliment, thank you.

I read that you had a short… conversation with death. What was the impact of your health problem on your career, as an individual and a musician?
As an individual it changed me for the better. I learned what is really important in life not only what was important to me but what was important to everyone. I learned how strong I can be. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t think I’ d pull through but determination and love gave me another chance. Musically, I stopped being lazy. I realized there is no time limit on creation. I’ d rather spend months on something now rather than release something I would look back on and wish I had went the extra mile. I think our new album which was all written post medical drama shows how evolved we have become as a band. The first album was just Matt Dalton and me. Now Saint Ridley has permanent members and has become impressive as a whole. Better vocal, guitars, drums, bass everything is better.


Tell us about the tour with Coal Chamber and Fear Factory.
Well it was our second tour with coal chamber. It was a absolute honor to be asked back. Coal Chamber killed it every night as they always do. We picked up right were we left off and it was nice to tour with our friends again. Fear Factory was a lot of fun to watch every night. All the guys are super nice and helpful. In fact Burton C Bell helped me with a new warm up routine with my voice that helped a lot. Mike Heller, who is an AMAZING drummer and person, worked with our drummer almost daily just showing him little things here and there. So all in all it was a wonderful experience. It was kind of unreal to wake up everyday and be working beside all these musicians I looked up to since I was a little metal head. Dez, Meegs, Burton, Dino, Jamey, Jasta, Howard… they were all literally posters on my wall when I was learning to shred.

What about the future? Do you see yourselves on a bigger stage?
Any plans outside the US? We have very big plans for the future. I see this band growing everyday. New and exciting opportunities are coming in every week. We are without a doubt doing Europe in 2016. We are confirmed on a few of the bigger festivals and we couldn’t be happier. We have so many exciting things to announce as soon as we legally can, ha ha. With our new album slated to come out first quarter of the new year you better believe Saint Ridley will be back and better than ever with heavier and more exciting music and stage show. We can’t wait to share our brand of chaos with the world.

Saint Ridley is currently working on its second album «Through Blackened Skies». Out of this album, which is due to be released within the first quarter of 2016, comes «Burn 2», a track that makes a  world premiere through

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